- Playstation 3

Here You will find our offered modifications and upgrades to help your Playstation 3 run smoother, cooler, better and prolonging it's lifespan aswell as making it look awesome and much more!


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Playstation 3 Laser Replacement!

Has your playstation 3 stopped reading discs? Do you get errors while trying to read discs, sluggish loading times or freezing in game? Replace your disc drive laser and watch these problems disappear!

- For when your PS3 stops reading discs!

- Are your games skipping or freezing?

- Brand new laser with 90 days warranty!


Laser Replacement


Repair your PS3 Yellow Lights of Death!

Has your Playstation 3 suffered from YLoD (Yellow Light of Death)? Send your Playstation 3 to us and we'll fix it so you don't have to worry about it!

- Fix Yellow Light of Death!

- Your hard drive data is safe!*

- Get Your PS3 fixed, be playing your Games again in no time!


*Hard drive data may be corrupted or lost and may incur charges for data retrieval or hard drive formatting/repair.

YLoD Fix