- XBOX 360

Is your Xbox 360 showing signs of wear and tear? Has it already suffered from the dreaded Red Rings of Death? Have you got the "Open Tray" problem? Not Reading Discs? We offer several repairs so we can take your broken Xbox 360 Console and fix or repair it so you don't have to!


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XBOX 360 Red Ring of Death (RRoD) Fix!

Has your console suffered from RRoD (Red Rings of Death)? or the E74 Error? Send your Xbox 360 to us and we'll fix it (Unlike Microsoft's fix which is never permanent!) X-Clamp Fix + Repair all-in-one!

- Fix 3 Red Rings of Death!

- Fix the E74 Error!

- Free 3 Month Warranty!

RRoD Fix


Xbox 360 Laser Replacement!

Has your console stopped reading discs? Are you getting "Reading" then suddenly "Open Tray"? are you getting the Dirty Disc errors? We can fix your disc drive and prevent these errors from occuring without having to buy a new one!

- Fix Dirty Disc Errors

- Fix "Open Tray" Error

- Cheaper than replacing your disc drive with a new one!

Fix Laser Problems


XBOX 360 X-Clamp Fix (Prevent RRoD Errors!)

Most XBOX360's experience the Red Rings of Death in some form over their lifespan, this can be caused by lots of reasons, all unnecessary. Our fix will 99% guarantee that these errors never affect you again and will most certainly increase your console's lifespan!

- Prevent 3 Red Rings of Death!

- Prevent the E74 Error!

- Prevent unnecessary Overheating!

Replace X-clamps